Dance Classes


Intro to Ballet

A great way of getting your little dancer introduced to basic Ballet techniques such as:

  • Feet and arm positions
  • Proper posture and alignment
  • Following directions
  • Developing motor skills and coordination

Ballet I

Builds upon the knowledge from Intro to Ballet and adds new techniques and skills such as:

  • Basic barre exercises 
  • Across the floors
  • Flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Ballet terminology
  • Rhythm through choreography and self-expression

Prerequisites: At least 2 semesters of Intro to Ballet or 1 year of dance.

Ballet II

Builds upon the knowledge from Ballet I and adds new techniques and skills, such as:

  • Intermediate barre exercises 
  • More complex combos
  • Port de bras
  • Ballet jumps
  • Ballet turns 

Prerequisites: At least two semesters of Ballet I or 2 years of dance.


Beginner, slow flow yoga class focusing on:

  • Yoga poses
  • Breath work 
  • Gentle movement sequences
  • Supported relaxation and meditation 

Teen Hip Hop

Perfect for teens with little to no dance experience but are interested in the hip hop style. This class features:

  • Fundamental Hip Hop skills
  • Hip Hop styles like vogue, stepping, freestyle, popping and more
  • Choreography memorization
  • Musicality and rhythm 
  • Appropriate song selections

Little’s Hip Hop

An introduction to hip hop rhythms and moves for your tiny dancer. This class focuses on:

  • Following directions
  • Keeping rhythm 
  • Developing body control
  • Learning easy choreography to age appropriate hip hop music

Hip Hop I

Builds upon the knowledge from Little’s Hip Hop, as well as an entry level for ages 6+. This class focuses on:

  • Fundamental Hip Hop skills
  • Choreography memorization
  • Musicality and rhythm 
  • Appropriate song selections

Hip Hop II

Builds upon knowledge from Hip Hop I. This class focuses on 

  • Hip Hop styles like vogue, stepping, freestyle, popping and more
  • More challenging choreography, musicality, and rhythm
  • Appropriate song selections


A perfect class for little dancers that would like to learn the basics of ballet and also an introduction to tap. This class will focus on:

  • Ballet feet and arm positions
  • Proper posture and alignment
  • Basic shuffle
  • Arm and feet coordination

Ritmos Latinos-Ages 3-5

An introductory class for our smallest Latin dance fans! This class features a variety of Latin dance styles. In this class dancers will learn:

  • Rhythm and coordination
  • Basics of Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, and Bachata
  • Choreography featuring Latin music
  • Dance vocabulary and instructions in Spanish and English

Ritmos Latinos- Ages 6-8 Level 1

Build upon skills learned in Ritmos Latinos 3-5 while adding more advanced steps and choreography for Latin dance styles.

Intro to Tumbling

Beginner tumbling class for our tiny gymnasts in the making. This introductory class will focus on:

  • Getting acquainted with the floor 
  • Cartwheels and handstands with support
  • Bridges
  • Strength and coordination

Tumbling I

Once skills have been mastered in Intro to Tumbling, dancers will be moved to level 1 where they will work on more complicated skills such as:

  • Introduction to flipping
  • Proper posture and technique
  • Cartwheels and handstands with less support
  • Core strengthening

Tumbling II

Once skills have been mastered in Tumbling I, dancers will be moved up to level 2. They will continue to improve skills they had learned in previous levels. Dancers will also learn:

  • Unassisted handstands
  • Rolling out of handstands
  • Round offs
  • Back handsprings
  • Upper body strengthening

Combination 3-5

This class combines ballet, jazz, and hip hop, and latin styles of dance. Dancers will learn:

  • Arm and feet positions
  • Musicality 
  • Simple and fun choreography

Mommy & Chicks

Come to class and play, dance, and sing with your babies. This class is for ages 1-3 and you! In this interactive class, you and your little will engage in:

  • Gross motor play
  • Singing time
  • Music Games
  • Free Play

Turns & Leaps

This class focuses strictly on dance technique to perfect those turns and leaps. This is a great class to take if interested in potentially wanting to be a company dancer. Dancers will learn

  • Turns such as pirouettes, chaines, fuetes
  • A variety style of leaps
  • Proper dance form and safety while performing such skills

Ritmos Mexicanos

Mini Pom:

The perfect class for those who want to learn a little bit of cheer and dance. Dancers will learn

  • Motions 
  • Proper dance technique
  • Choreography using pom poms
  • Teamwork
  • Face performance

Baby Pom:

A great way to get your dancer introduced to both dance and cheer. Dancers will learn

  • Simple motions
  • Start learning dance technique
  • Following directions  
  • Simple but fun choreography using pom poms




These classes are for those selected dancers based on their technique, potential, commitment, attitude, and behavior in class. Dancers are selected and required to sign a contract. Company dancers are the dancers who perform at many community events throughout the year. Companies include

  • Sunshine Company
  • Dazzle Company
  • Sparkle COmpany
  • Fire Company
  • Explosive Company
  • Mayahuel Company


No multiple class discount

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